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Karavanke Mountains
The longest Slovenian mountain range, a 120 km long massif whose highest peak is the 2,236 m high Stol. Owing to its strategic position between western and south-eastern Europe, the Karavanke range is full of passes with mountain trails. These mountains have preserved their original wild environment, and the fine views   and stunning gorges are simply enchanting. It is no surprise that the Karavanke range is a veritable magnet for mountain bikers. The extensive network of ideal trails offers limitless combinations of tours between the mountains, on them, around them and in many places actually through them.  The mountain and forest trails and cart tracks seem custom-made for mountain biking, and you can also take tour bikes around the Karavanke.  
Accommodation:  Bed and Breakfast,  Bike Base Ecohotel Koroš 
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A panoramic  tour of our single-trail park.  It is a combination of forest roads and temporary roads with the best mid-level single trails in the park. It is the best way to get your stay off the ground.  The tour has different variations with regard to length and difficulty of the trails.
Forest roads, cart tracks and Single Trails around Jamnica 30 – 40 km
Accommodation:  Bed and Breakfast,  Bike Base Ecohotel Koroš 
Itinerary:  Jamnica (780 m) – Črna ( 580 m)  – Raduha    (1.460 m)
Distance:  41 km        Different tour options!
Uphill total: 2.100 m
Terrain: mountain roads, cart track, single trails,
Type of roads: tarmac 5 %, gravel 95 %,

Why are some areas better for mountain biking than others?   You can find the answer in the Geopark Karavanke, where the wealth of geological formations and diversity of rock provide outstanding terrain for cycling. The natural environment of the Geopark, which extends around Mt. Peca, is noted for its exceptional biodiversity.  The geological faults and over thrusts, as well as the numerous flash flood waters and rivers have helped shape the dynamic landscape and have created a diverse, picturesque panorama that will accompany you on all your cycling tours here.

Accommodation: Bed and Breakfast,  Mountain Hut or Tourism Farm in the mountains.
Itinerary:  Raduha (1.460) – Sv. Duh (1.250 h.m.) – Jezersko  ( 900 m)
Distance: 43 km        
Uphill total: 1.400   h.m. 
Terrain: mountain road, cart track
Type of roads: tarmac 20 %, gravel 80 %,

Cycling between the isolated farms in the Savinja Alps is a first- class pleasure and many bikers agree that this panoramic mountain road offers the most beautiful views in the Slovenian Alps. You  could  ride down into the Logarska Valley, beautiful Alpine glacial valley or follow the mountain road  to the top of a high mountain pass at the border to Austria, from where you will ride down and up  to the  next  (lower)  pass, which will finally get you to the village of Jezersko.
Accommodation:  Bed and Breakfast, Farm Tourism  or  Hotel *** in  Jezersko.
Itinerary: Jezersko – Bled
Distance:57 – 65 km    Different tour options*
Uphill total:  2.400 – 3.000 h.m*
Terrain: mountain roads, cart tracks, some single trail, lonely tarmac roads
Type of roads: tarmac 40 %, gravel 60 %,
On this day route leads mainly through shady forest and is challenging in some places, but the effort is rewarded by immeasurable peace and quiet and beautiful views.  One of the most beautiful and scenic routes runs through the forests and open pastures - grassy terrain at the foot of the south slope of Košuta,  Slovenia's longest mountain.    From the mountains you will ride to Bled Lake, icon of Slovenian tourism.  With the outstanding natural beauty   Bled Lake, together with its surroundings, ranks among the most beautiful Alpine resorts.  

Accommodation: Bed and Breakfast,   hotel***in Bled



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